What is Venzee?

As supply chains continue to evolve, there is a challenge for brands to distribute their product information to a growing number of retailers.

Consumers and retailers are increasingly seeking product information that wasn’t traditionally of concern in the past few decades.

Yet each of these retailers has its own technology and best practices for receiving product information.

At Venzee Technologies, Inc., we help retailers and content management partners syndicate their product data to major retailers.

Our technology and expertise cuts down on manual work and ensures instantly updated product information across multiple retailers and stakeholders.

For retailers, this reduces returns by ensuring product information is accurate.

For brands, this helps distribute products to more retailers with less administrative overhead.

For partners, this helps move your platform across the last mile of syndicating your information outto retailers.

At Venzee, we are rethinking the supply chain and changing the way that brands and retailers connect.


Who is Venzee?

John Abrams, CEO

John is a digital supply chain veteran, bringing more than two decades of experience building high-volume, consumer-relevant digital supply chains in regulated and globally distributed industries.

His work with brands including the McDonald’s Corporation and Cardinal Health has helped reduce cost, improve processes, and transform the customer experience on a global scale.

Darren Battersby, CFO

Darren has held key roles in a number of growing and developing companies in the public sector with a focus on financing, structuring and operating growing companies, spanning across a variety of industries including software development, entertainment and high tech.

He is also currently the Chief Financial Officer at Network Media Group (NTE.V) and ProSmartEnterprises (PROS.V) and has previously held the CFO position at Rainmaker Entertainment (RNK.TO) and OneMove Technologies Inc. (OM.V).

Markus Westerholtz, CTO

Markus has been a driving force behind modernizing Venzee’s technology stack, improving development processes and practices.

Previously, Markus was a Team Lead & Software Architect at Copperleaf Technologies, a decision analytic company for managing critical infrastructure and Team Lead and the Software Architect at MediaValet, a SAS DAM provider.

Peter Montross, EVP Commercial Operations

Peter brings over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, delivering strong revenue performance and growth.

He has extensive sales experience and success with software-as-a-service content exchange solutions, business intelligence products and product information management software products and services.

Chad Kaczmarek, Sr. Director of Integrations

Chad is a senior leader with 20+ years of extensive skills, which are augmented by a limitless drive to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. By defining business needs and implementing both standard and custom master data management processes, Chad helps businesses grow through integrating technology.

Chad is continually striving for internal process improvements and quality control by quickly understanding new concepts to execute strategic change, while simultaneously managing multiple programs and projects.

Chad facilitates the development of organizational proprietary data standards using novel approaches.

Sean Copeland, Board Member

An internet policy advisor with expertise in Fintech and supply chain startups, Sean’s work has delivered financial, logistics, and supply chain visibility solutions to sovereign nations, regulatory bodies, and others with complex global needs. He is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.

Dan Wilkinson, Board Member

Previously Chief Commercial Officer at 1WorldSync his strategic work advantaged the company at acquisition in 2019. Dan is a retail supply chain expert with broad industry engagement, unmatched market insight, and tremendous intelect.

Thomas J. Linden, Board Member

Thomas is a “Big Four” strategist with expertise guiding organizations through mergers ,acquisitions, IPOs, spin-offs, equity financings, revenue recognition, and other areas of strategic growth.

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