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About the Podcast

On the Rethinking Supply Chain podcast, host Venzee CEO John Abrams discusses all aspects of supply chain management. From the history of supply chain development to changes in productdata distribution and how supply chain deficiencies continue, John has meaningful conversations that make supply chain logistics understandable and fun.

John invites guests with varied backgrounds and perspectives on supply chain management to unpack how supply chain influences consumers’ everyday lives. He also discusses how changing consumer desires are affecting the data that manufacturers, managers and retailers need to provide, and how technology can be leveraged to streamline that communication.

In just twenty minutes, you can learn the intricacies of supply chain logistics, and about the future of product distribution and data distribution. Join John and his guests to become a logistics expert effortlessly.

About Your Host

John Abrams is the CEO of Venzee Technologies, where he works to help manufacturers, content management partners and retailers to streamline product data communication through the effective use of technology. In his podcast, he takes an extremely complex process and breaks it down into manageable pieces to explain how supply chains can be improved with the implementation of new systems.

John’s supply chain experience began at McDonald’s as Director of Strategy where he learned key lessons connected to product distribution, which propelled him to the role of Vice President at Cardinal Health, before moving to Venzee. He leverages his experience to help improve distribution networks.


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